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Celtic Arts Open Championship 2022

The Celtic Arts Highland Dancing Championship moves to the Bellingham Scottish Gathering on June 4, 2022.

The event is one of only two sanctioned open Championships held in the Pacific Northwest in 2022.  Both are organized by Heather Richendrfer, Director of the local Clan Heather Dancers.

Championships are the highest level of competitive Scottish Highland dance.  The prestigious events attract dancers traveling on the national and international circuit.

Featured dances include the Highland Fling and Sword Dance, Seann Triubhas and a selected Reel for premier level dancers.  Intricate footwork, beautiful costumes and live bagpipe music are all part of the day-long celebration of Scottish culture.  The dances showcase the athleticism and grace that years of training provide.

Hours:  9:00 to 5:00.  


(360) 715-8682,


Celtic Arts Championship & Bellingham Scottish Gathering 

  • Entry forrms available soon!

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For entry forms and workshop registration please e-mail:

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